Accurate and Experienced

Group Photo 7.9.14 (2)_edits2At Checkright, we understand that your payroll needs to be done correctly, every time. If your payroll company can’t get it right, why outsource at all? Our staff has years of experience in the payroll industry and uses that experience to make sure that your paychecks and tax filings are done right the first time.

Accuracy Guaranteed: The Checkright team is committed to processing your payroll accurately every payroll. We understand that if you are reviewing payroll reports for accuracy and making constant corrections, you have lost one of the benefits of outsourcing. Our internal procedures ensure that mistakes are rare, and we stand behind our work: we will fix any payroll related error that we make in your processing at no cost to you. And since we are a local business, we can deliver a reprint of a check in an hour, not when the overnight package arrives the next day.

Certified Processors: All Checkright Lead Payroll Specialists have earned their Certified Payroll Professional certification from the American Payroll Association, the highest designation they offer. They have passed the National Exam and complete continuing education requirements to retain their certification. Checkright employees have the training needed to deliver the results you expect.

• Experienced Employees: At Checkright, our payroll specialists have years of experience in the payroll industry. Checkright employees run thousands of payrolls each year for both large and small companies. Our first two clients from January, 2004, are still with us today!

• Timely Tax Filings: Checkright files all payroll-related tax returns and filings for our clients, working with the IRS and multiple state and local agencies. Our tax professionals make sure that our clients are in full compliance with all requirements and filing deadlines. When notices are received, we work with the tax agency to resolve all issues. Checkright guarantees all filings and payments to be accurate and timely and will pay all penalties and interest in the event our mistake is the cause of the fine.

• The Same Specialist: One of the fundamental ways Checkright offers value to our customers is through long time pairings of our employees with their clients. One of the most frequent complaints we hear about our competition is that as soon as they get a good payroll representative, they are shuffled around. Checkright promotes long-standing relationships between Specialist and Client. Often, our staff becomes as knowledgeable about the payroll as the administrators they work with. That experience helps to catch errors, eliminate mistakes, and provides our customers all the benefits of our accuracy and experience.