November Payroll Calendar Unfavorable: Start Planning Early

November Payroll CalendarNovember represents a time of pumpkin-spice everything, family, and good food. It also brings with it two Federal holidays, which may result in an earlier check date or submission deadline for your payroll. Check dates that are normally scheduled on a day that coincides with a Federal holiday or weekend are adjusted to the prior Federal business day. Also, if you offer direct deposit and the Fed is closed within the two days leading up to your check date, payroll must be submitted one day earlier.

The Fed is closed on Veteran’s Day, November 11th and Thanksgiving Day, November 26th. Checkright will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, November 26th and 27th. Payrolls with check dates from November 10th through November 13th and November 25th through December 1st, may need to be processed earlier than usual. Please note, if your payroll normally falls on the 15th, your check date has been moved up to the 13th.

Employers most affected are those with certain bi-weekly schedules and those with payrolls normally dated for the 15th and end-of-month. For these employers, the earlier submission deadline may result in the need to estimate hours worked or take other actions.

Please contact your Checkright payroll specialist to develop your strategy for accommodating these holidays.