Online Services

Checkright is committed to using cutting edge technology like our Online Services platform. There are two key components of Online that are both included with this feature. They are:

Employee Self Service: employees retrieve, view and print their own paystubs and W2’s from any computer that has internet access. Each employee is given a secure log-in and password and we can work with our clients to create a link to their website where the employer can post general messages to the staff. This feature gets the business owner out of the document distributing business on paydays. It is also an essential service for companies that have employees in multiple locations as it eliminates the logistics of getting paystubs to different distribution spots. Used in conjunction with direct deposit, payroll becomes paperless for the employee. If the employee loses a pay stub or needs the last several stubs for a loan application, the office administrators simply point the employee to the internet. This solution is also green as it eliminates lots of printing. The employees only print out their stubs when they need them for something.

Online Payroll Entry and Submission: with this feature, the business owner or payroll administration reviews, uploads, and submits the payroll over the internet. The payroll seamlessly transitions to our servers and is processed without re-keying. For a payroll experience that is extremely flexible-you submit the payroll according to your timeframe-and one that lets the operator retain complete control of the process, Online is for you. Payroll reports are also available to view anytime through a secure internet log-in. Finally, both employee self service and online admin access are included with Online Services-there is no separate fee for employee access. This feature is our most popular add-on to our base service with over 50% of our customers choosing to utilize this internet friendly product.