TaxPay for Sales Tax

Checkright offers TaxPay, an efficient, secure, and inexpensive way to keep up with your company obligations.  With TaxPay, Checkright pays sales taxes, meals taxes, occupancy taxes, insurance taxes, and other monthly taxes.

Checkright provides regular payment of recurring monthly and quarterly tax payments, other than payroll taxes, for our clients. This service is available for all
states, Washington D.C., and local counties and cities. Our tax payment service offers an efficient, secure, and inexpensive way to keep up with your company obligations.

The features and information about this service are listed below. Give us a call at 804-716-2369 to get started.

Mandatory Electronic Filing: Many states and localities are now mandating that all their business taxes are filed and paid electronically.  Checkright will keep up with the filing requirements, assist with registering your company with the on-line system if needed, and process your payments electronically. Customers are provided with a confirmation number and PDF copy of the electronic return.

Paper Filings via Certified Mail: For state and local agencies that still do not offer electronic filings, Checkright will complete the paper returns and issue a check off of our trust account and send the payment via certified mail so there are no late payments, late deliveries, or checks lost in the mail.  Checkright keeps a copy of the front and back of the check and the proof of delivery from the post office.  Customers receive a PDF copy of the return.

Checkright Assumes Liability for Correct Calculations and Timely Filings: Checkright will take the sales or revenue numbers you provide and calculate the tax, including early filing discounts.  You never have to worry about a penalty for doing the math incorrectly or filing late.

Email Reminders: Checkright will send you an email reminder about 10 days before the tax is due, outlining the due date, and the deadline for receiving your sales data.  Simply reply to the email with the requested information by the date on the email and we will take it from there.

Email Notification of Amount of Electronic Draw from Client Account: Checkright will provide an email detailing the funds to come out of your account, and the date of the withdrawal.

An Inexpensive Program: The cost of this service is $15 per form.  If a second form is due that is generated from the same numbers, like both sales and meals tax, the second form is $10.  This price includes everything outlined above, including certified mail fees.