Full Service Payroll

At the core of the decision to outsource payroll are two key points: you and your employees are free to focus and spend their energy on your business,not the payroll business; and you recognize that a company that specializes in payroll processing is better equipped to perform the work more efficiently, manage the complex and changing compliance and tax environment, and offer the full range of payroll-related options and services to you and your employees. That being said, it is important to select an outsourcing partner that can deliver a full service solution. Your partner should offer all of the following:


  • Paycheck Creation with a Full set of Features: At bare minimum, your payroll provider should provide computer generated paychecks. If you are writing the checks yourself, you haven’t really outsourced this function. But beyond that, your employees should receive checks that have full paystub information with current and year to date totals. You should have the option to have your signature pre-printed on the checks. And you should have check options like pressure-seal checks that are already sealed up so anyone in your office can pass them out. Checkright offers all these features as part of our basic service-no extra charges.
  • Direct Deposit: All your employees should have access to this feature into one or multiple accounts at no additional cost to you or them. Checkright is on the cutting edge of direct deposit features with no pre-notes and prefunding just two days before payday, not three.
  • Fully Outsourced Tax Filings, Payments, and Compliance: At the heart of your decision to outsource was getting out from under the burden of payroll tax compliance. Your payroll company should be making all your tax payments and filing all your tax returns for you. All you should be receiving are copies for your files. If you are signing tax returns, getting them in the mail on time, or taking payments to the bank, you have not truly outsourced your payroll. Checkright handles all Federal, State, and Local tax payments and returns as a core function of our service to you.
  • Easy Access to Experienced Payroll Professionals: Another important benefit of outsourcing you should realize is support from a highly-trained support team that can guide you through the special payroll-related situations that arise. Checkright gives you direct phone and internet access to our friendly staff to guide you through tax changes, workmans’ compensation audits, employee garnishments, and other issues that inevitably come up with employees.
  • A Full Suite of HR and Payroll-Related Products: Checkright offers employee self-service with paystubs and W2s on the internet, pay as you go Workmanss Comp insurance, time and attendance tracking, and much more to truly offer your company the Full Service Payroll solution that you should expect.